Using Prebuilt Projects

Athenic AI provides 4 prebuilt project dashboards with graphs and tables that are crucial to your store growth. You are also able the create more project dashboards by selecting new project with your WooCommerce data at any time.

Viewing the Dashboards

Select any of the 4 prebuilt project dashboards including customers behavior insights, logistics and inventory management, order analysis, or sales analysis. Learn more about each project here.

Toggle to the dashboard tab to visualize your store data with prebuilt graphs.

You can customize this dashboard by editing layout, get a deeper look into any specific graph with our viewing graph features, set up email reports to track metrics, share this dashboard to your team members, or invite team members to collaborate on this dashboard.

Chatting With AI

Athenic AI's conversational AI allows you to ask questions specific to your project. You can ask questions to expand your current dashboards, clarify ambiguity or confusion with your existing graphs, and get deeper insights regarding your sales and store growth.

Toggle to the chat tab to ask questions.

Athenic's conversational AI also provides suggested questions for insight generation, modifying graphs to filter or hone in on any specific data, and saving questions feature for interesting questions.

Connecting with Customers

Athenic AI's eCommerce plugin is able to integrate with both Mailchimp and Klaviyo to send email campaigns to the integrations or obtain a list of customer profiles from the integrations. To integrate with Mailchimp or Klaviyo, click here.

Once integrated, select the relevant project where you would like to segment customers. This will likely be customer behavior insights project.

On the chat tab, ask the AI to segment customers of your choice, make sure you include the term "customer" in your question.

Examples include:

  • "Make me a list of customers who have purchased baby products in the month of November"

  • "Show me customers that purchased more than 3 products last month?"

Once the question is asked, the AI will create a list of customers with the IDs, first and last name, email, order number, and other relevant information. To view this list, make sure you are on the table tab.

On the table you will be able to export any of this data to Mailchimp or Klaviyo by simply clicking on the buttons on the top right of the table.

If you have yet to configure Mailchimp or Klaviyo, Athenic will prompt you to configure the respective integrations. Click here to learn how to do so.

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