Modifying a Graph

Athenic provides customizable visualization capability such as modifying the color, changing the graph type, modifying titles, adding labels or trend lines, and more just by commanding the AI to do so.

Example walk-through on modifying the graph

  1. Upon asking your initial question, a table and graph will be generated. Toggle to the graph tab to modify the graph by clicking on the modify graph bar and type in your command.

  1. You can easily change the graph type by typing in the command in the modify graph bar. Read more about graphing types to get an understanding of graphical application. For example, you can command Athenic to change this graph to a stacked bar chart.

  1. You can personalize the visual of the graph by changing the color, color scheme, title, legend, and adding annotations.

  1. Further enhance you graph by filtering our specific data by specifying to the AI to "remove bottom 3 industries by Revenue" or "show only top 10 industries by revenue"

Version History

There is a version history that will automatically save all versions of your graph iterations. You can return to any previous iteration to continue modifying older iterations or save a specific iteration to your dashboard.

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