How to Get Started with Athenic AI

To get started with Athenic you will need to create an account on by clicking on any of the "Login" or "Start for free" buttons.

Once you create your account with your email and set up a password, you will be able to begin the onboarding to Athenic AI.

Fill out the intake survey so that Athenic can have a bit more context about your business.

Installing WooCommerce Athenic Plugin

Get started installing the WooCommerce Athenic plugin by following the steps below or following this tutorial video linked here.

To connect to your WooCommerce store, select WooCommerce Analytics under the solutions tab on the Athenic AI webpage or click the link here.

Start your 30 day free trial by selecting on the gold button on the home page.

This will take you to our login page where you can create an account if you have not done so. You can also sign up with your Google, Microsoft, or GitHub account.

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