Question Tips

When asking a question it is important to be precise in communicating the answer you are trying to get. Apply these strategies to refine your Athenic AI inquiries for better outcomes:

Be Precise with Your Questions:

  • Aim for specificity to receive the most relevant answers.

    Rather than asking, "Who were the best salespeople?"

    Opt for, "Who were the top 10 salespeople by order volume last quarter?"

Clarify Your Criteria:

  • Eliminate vagueness by defining clear metrics.

    Instead of a general "top 10 salespeople"

    Specify the metric, "Who were the top 10 salespeople by revenue?"

Use Exact Column Names:

  • Incorporate actual data column names from your datasets for accuracy.

    Move away from, "What product made the most money?"

    To a more precise, "What product had the highest 'Total Profit'?"

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