Using Projects

Athenic provides unique AI capabilities to help you get a good understanding of your project data, generate insights, and track your metrics.

If you have not done so, create a project by clicking on "New Project" button on the "Projects" page.

After a project is created, ask questions to understand your data. Athenic provides multiple features to simplify and enhance metric tracking.

  • You have the ability to manipulate datasets with SQL language to enhance project setup. You can try AI training to help Athenic better understand company jargon or specific terminology.

  • Edit data configurations such as removing unnecessary data to speed up query generation or add more tables to get more specific answers. Click on the three dots next to the project, click on "Settings" to edit data source configurations.

  • "History tab" records all the questions you've asked. Easily rerun questions directly from the History tab by clicking "Ask" or the arrow next to a specific question.

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