Saving Questions

Saving or bookmarking questions allow you to easily save and revisit specific questions within your projects at any time.

  • To save a question, click on the star icon that will appear next to the question asked on the chat interface.

  • To access previously starred question, click on the star icon on the far right of the question bar. All of your previously star questions will be saved and organized here. These questions will be accessible to you and the whole team.

Organizing Save Questions In Folders

As you accumulate more questions, folders can help categorize and declutter your workspace.

  • To add a question to a folder, hover over the question until you see three icons. Click on the middle icon that indicates folder.

  • Once clicked, a popup will show up allowing you to either create a new folder or select an existing folder for you to organize your question.

  • To create a new folder, select create new folder. Name your folder and repeat the above steps to place the question into the new folder.

  • Delete questions from starred list by hovering over the question until you see three icons.

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