How to Create a Mailing List

To create a mailing list, use the chat tab to ask Athenic to segment your customers for this specific email list.

Once the question is asked, click on either the "Export to Mailchimp" or "Export to Klaviyo" button. This will prompt a mailing list popup to create this list.

Start by naming this list. It is important to name this as specific as possible if you intend to create multiple lists for organization purposes.

Map the email to the specific column that contains the list of emails in your data sheet. Oftentimes this will be titled "email". Otherwise, select the column that contains the list of emails.

Chose your email list to export the data to. This list is created on your Klaviyo or Mailchimp account.

Change the interval of this email export according to your email campaign.

Optionally, you have the ability to add additional attributes to create profiles for your customer. This may include phone number, geographic location, ect.

Upon successful creation of this mailing list, you can view all your list under the data export tab.

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