Advantages of eCommerce Analytics Plugin

Athenic AI is not just another dashboard. It is also an insight generator acting as a data analyst to better understand your store growth. The conversational AI bridges gaps between the customer communication, product understanding, and helps guide the direction for your future store growth.

Athenic AI provides 4 prebuilt dashboards to understand:

  • Customer Behavior Insights

    Understand buying behaviors and spending habits of customers according to orders value and number of order to increase your customer’s lifetime value.

  • Logistics & Inventory Management

    Manage your inventory and figure out where dead inventory lies to effectively understand how it contributes to your overall revenue.

  • Order Analysis

    Analyze current top products, prices, and the effectiveness of your discount strategies to provide insights that will optimize your pricing and promotional tactics.

  • Sales Analysis

    Examine your new and returning customers' buying patterns and compare top-selling products against refunded ones to explore potential cross-sell, bundling opportunities, etc.

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